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Wallmart Gift Card To Cash - Jour Cards 

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Exchange Walmart Gift Card to bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, ETH,Perfect Money, PayPal, Cash and several other payment methods with Jour Cards Store Exchange service 24-72 Hours From Jour Cards Store  

How it works

With Jour Cards Store you can now exchange your unused Wallmart gift cards to cash or to several payment methods we provide from our side. We can exchange your card to Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Paypal and other payment methods which will be updated according to our clients requirements. 

We Jour Cards Store grant 70% if Wallmart Gift Cards provided through our Exchange Form Down. We require Exchange period of 24 till 72 hours to complete Exchange order and your wallet will be top up automatically.

Note: Jour Cards Store only exchanges USA Wallmart gift cards we will not accept any other countries cards. 

Note: Not replying to our clients within 72 hours means that your card is invalid or used before from your side. 

Note: We take the following values of Wallmart Cards: 10$, 25$, 5$0$, 100$, 500$, 1000$ we hope you have the original card picture when you upload your card to check that this is not fraud card.


Paypal: 7$

Bitcoin: 7$

Perfect Money: 7$

Web Money: 7$


Paypal: 17.50$

Bitcoin: 17.50$

Perfect Money: 17.50$

Web Money: 17.$


Paypal: 35$

Bitcoin: 35$

Perfect Money: 35$

Web Money: 35$


Paypal: 70$

Bitcoin: 70$

Perfect Money: 70$

Web Money: 70$

WallMART USD 500

Paypal: 350$

Bitcoin: 350$

Perfect Money: 350$

Web Money: 350$

WallMART US 1000

Paypal: 700$

Bitcoin: 700$

Perfect Money: 700$

Web Money: 700$

Please Fill The Exchange Form Carefully

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