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Jour Cards Store Product Delivery Service, Code E-mail instantly 

Online Delivery Within MAX 15 Minutes To Your Email

Our Delivery Process

Jour Cards Store is a store which sells gift cards instantly to your email. We don't mail physical items to your mail.


we only send items virtually to your email. Our items are sent automatically within 5-15 minutes after your payment confirmation.


Some items may require more time such Visa Gift Cards , Mastercards and some E-Services which require some manual work from our sales department to achieve it. 

I Didn't Receive My Code ??

Some times clients may face issues that they didn't receive their item , this issue is related to many matters: 

1- If you used coinpayments as your payment method , check the following : 


- Is your payment completed ? as Jour Cards will deliver your card after 6 confirmations of your payment.

- When you go to coinpayments it will ask you to put your first name, last name and email. some clients place a wrong email on coinpayments and this will cause that item will not deliver to that email , so please put a correct email on coinpayments so that you can receive your item. 

- Some times clients do a payment with bitcoin with low fees and this will make the purchase take longer time and some times the payment will be closed , so that they contact us to reopen the payment back . 

- Always when you do a payment with coinpayments keep with you the payment confirmation which starts with C......................... so that we can check your order . 

2- Always use correct emails when you place orders with Jour Cards Store. 

3- When you use Perfect Money as your payment method , keep with you your Batch number of your payment . 

4- You can always contact us to or the chat button to check your order status. 

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product delivery

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