Jour Cards Store can accept refunds for items with special errors, such as:

- Used Before.

- Invalid Code.

- System Error.

- Item is out of stock.

After purchasing the item and receiving it. We advise client to use it within 24 hours just to check is working in a proper way. We can only accept refunds if a client claims within 24 hours that the item he purchased is having an issue. 

Any non-delivered order is applicable for a refund upon request of the purchaser. If any order fails order verification, a complete refund will be issued to the buyer within 24< hours. Once receiving your order and viewing your product key there are absolutely no refunds only if errors we mentioned up are available .

Clients can always require a refund by visiting our Contact Us center and inform us us about the error he is facing. and our Refund Department will follow up with client as fast as possible