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Reach. Recognize. Incentivize. Rewards... Instantly.

Our solutions offer innovative functionality trusted by over 300+ of the largest brands and thousands looking to get revenue and increase royalty.

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We have been in the eCommerce industry selling gift cards for more than 15 years. We are still a leader in the industry.


We continually invest in technology to ensure we're always delivering the best-in-class solutions.

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Our solutions provide the tools and resources you need to launch and manage your gift card program successfully. 


You can run your works and carry on with your day without interruption as we consistently deliver 99.99% uptime and monitor 24/7.

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Best in-class safety and security, so you can feel confidant both you and your customers, data is safe. 

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Our experts are available whenever you have questions about gift cards solutions.

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Your Online Game And Payment Cards Shop Welcome To Jour Cards,The Worldwide Online shop. Jour Cards is one of Jour Mart Companies which is located in United Arab Emirates-Dubai City.Jour Cards was established in 2009.To serve the technology field in the U.A.E community.Our main purpose is to provide Online Game Service and Internet payment solution to our clients in United Arab Emirates and in whole of the world.

We specialize in the digital distribution of pre-paid game card products and pc games. With online delivery we save our customers time and money. Our mission is to provide a secure and efficient platform to purchase digital goods, we guarantee our customers will be completely satisfied with our highest quality service. If something ever goes wrong, we will not rest until we've made it right. Thank you for shopping at Jour Cards Shop. We will assist you wholeheartedly to curb your doubts and problems. Your satisfaction is our goal.

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Global Leader.

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